Wilke Specialties: Attractive, High Quality Promotional Displays and Signage

If you’ve been to a major retail outlet, you’re familiar with product displays. These are the brand specific countertop displays showcasing that particular brand’s products. They’re an important sales tool, and many successful companies rely on them to spread the word about new products. Wilke Enginuity is often involved in the fabrication of these displays, providing metal, wood, wood composite and plastic components.

In most cases the process begins with a prototype which is then presented to the brand company, or the display may be placed in a store for test marketing. When approved there may be orders for several stores or the entire chain of stores. Wilke has also provided display components or signage for corporate lobbies, conference rooms and display rooms.

Because of our ability to provide attractive designs, we get calls to do more than just countertop displays. Often, display companies will contract us to construct signs featuring a company logo. In the past we’ve created signs and sign components which have been used in marketing displays for various well-known brands.

Over the years we’ve garnered a diverse array of experience in this area, manufacturing displays and signs for customers in the cosmetics, health & beauty, food and electronics industries. These projects have been constructed from wood, acrylic, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, composites, rubber, leather and veneers, and have called upon our full skill set, involving laser cutting, laser engraving, engraving on glass and CNC routing.

While we don’t do aesthetic design work, we do help our customers design for manufacturability, working to ensure that their display or sign isn’t just attractive, but efficient to manufacture as well. We’ll cover this topic in greater detail in our next blog.

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