Wilke Enginuity Inc. Uses Creative Marketing Techniques Through Facility Tours

Press release date: July 16, 2009

Companies everywhere have been trying to find new & creative ways to promote their companies. Wilke Enginuity in Hanover PA has taken the idea of a plant tour to new levels.

Wilke recently officered a tour to a group of retired professionals, many of whom were engineers. Fred Wilke, President and founder of Wilke Enginuity, said “they were one of the most interested and inquisitive groups we have ever had.” The unexpected result: one of the attendees mentioned afterwards that his son is the plant manager of a large company in Northern Maryland, and he was going to recommend us to him. Another of the participants was a former reporter for the Baltimore Sun and said he would be able to help us with additional press.

In addition to future plant tours, we have developed a Facility Tour on Video that views our shop, capabilities, machines, engineering and personnel completely. The Video is available here.

About Us: Wilke Enginuity is centrally located in Hanover, Pa., near several metropolitan areas with a 28,000 square foot facility. In existence since 1987, we were the first laser job shop in the state east of Pittsburgh and recognized early on the need for specialized laser cutting services to complement traditional metal fabrication. In addition to Laser Cutting Services, we have a complete shop for CNC Machining and Metal Fabricating Capabilities.

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