Wilke Enginuity Inc. adds two Laser Engraving Machines to add to their laser cutting & laser engraving capacities Wilke Enginuity, in Hanover, Pa has added two new Laser Engraving machines to add to its current capabilities.

We have been laser cutting metal, plastic and wood parts since 1987. Laser engraving is a natural move for us; In addition to plastics and metals, we can engrave alloys, ceramics, glass, acrylic, marble, fabrics, glass, leather, cork, tile, paper, fiberglas, coated & anodized metals, and woods.

The Epilog FiberMark Laser is a marking laser system for most materials. Using a fiber laser source, the FiberMark system allows you to etch metal and engineered plastics with bar codes, logos and text, print to the laser from a logo, drawing or even a scanned photograph! The large format 24″ x 12″ work area offers a fast, inexpensive way to mark your parts and tools.

Whether you are marking one large part up to 24″ x 12″ x 5″ in size (610 x 305 x 127 mm), or an entire jig of parts, the FiberMark’s unique flying optic beam delivery allows you a much larger marking area than a traditional metal marking system.

Our second machine adds larger capacities. The Epilog Helix 24 Laser engraving system is suitable for laser cutting and engraving. With capacities to hold items up to 24″ x 18″ with an 11″ drop, we can provide 2D and 3D engraving at high speeds. This machine provides up to 1200 dpi engraving with the highest quality laser motion control system.

These laser engravers were designed for flexibility in marking a wide variety of tools. You can change images, designs, barcodes, or any other item you are marking on the fly. This means you can take a part and mark it with a custom logo, and move on to the next part and mark it with entirely different artwork with additional coding or programming.

Since the laser works like a printer, you can treat each part as a separate piece of paper. Each can be printed with custom designs without any complex tool changes or design work. We can even engrave in serial number formats.

The FiberMark also showcases its flexibility in the variety of materials it can mark. From stainless steel to brass to engineered plastics, you can create different marks by adjusting speed, power, frequency and focus – all with one laser system.

About Wilke-

Wilke Enginuity was established in 1987 and was the first laser shop in eastern PA. We recognized early on the need for specialized laser cutting services to compliment traditional machining and fabrication capabilities. Wilke’s 28,000 square foot facility is centrally located in Hanover, PA and is convenient to Baltimore, MD, York and Philadelphia PA.

The company employs skilled craftsmen who utilize state-of-the-art CNC laser cutting systems and CNC machines to create high-end quality products from many materials. We cut shapes and configurations to drawing specifications and offer design capabilities as well. With little or no tooling involved, we are able to easily switch between material selections and create identical pieces with extreme accuracy. The project scope is only limited by your own imagination.

We are constantly updating our machines and increasing our capabilities to better service our customers. These new machines means increased services to our customers in design, reduced tooling charges and fast reliable service.

For more information, please email or call 800-936-6201.

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