Summer’s Around the Corner – Break out the Poolside Climbing Walls!

Summer is looking to gear up with a vengeance across the States. From Kennebunkport to Coronado Beach, tens of millions of Americans will hit the beaches along both coasts in a bid to escape the heat of June, July, and August. Fine and good, but what if the ocean isn’t an immediate option? What if you need someplace a little bit closer to home to keep cool during the summertime? Or what if you live in Arizona, or Kansas, or the Texas Pandhandle, and the sea is something of a thousand-mile drive in either direction?

That’s where the time-honored tradition of public pools comes into play. Public swimming pools, their diving-boards and “deep ends,” their “Marcos” and their “Polos”: the image of the kid who cannonballs his way off the edge of the pool as he plugs his nose is just about as “American Summer” as you can get. Year after year, the concept never seems to play out or get old.

All the same, there are always new “twists” to the whole ritual of pool-diving. Almost every year, a new trend makes itself known. Recently, there’s been a nation-wide craze to incorporate climbing walls into swimming pools. The concept is both beautiful and simple: just as you would a climbing wall, you scamper vertically to the top of a “course” by using a series of fake rocks as hand-holds and foot-holds; and then – unlike a regular, hard-landing climbing wall – you let go and let yourself fall. With a swimming pool waiting at the end of that plunge, who isn’t ready to fall in love with the whole concept of a “swimming pool summer” all over again?

It’s a great concept, and it’s already generated big business for aquatic amusement parks, hotels, public pools, and the like. Wilke is proud to have helped build poolside climbing walls for a new generation of summer-goers. The laser cutting and CNC machining that goes into our handiwork makes this sort of product affordable beyond just colleges, water-parks, and sports complexes. Made from stainless steel, each part of the wall fits seamlessly with the next, and gets easily incorporated into the superstructure of the building.

Americans have a new friend for the hot months. Wilke is happy to make the introductions.

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