Custom Wood Laser Engraving Feature Projects

Wilke Enginuity has unique, custom laser engraving capabilities for small or large quantity projects. This includes custom engraving for just one item. With the addition of the Kern laser in the Wilke facility, high quality, custom engraving can be achieved on most any material or product application.

Custom Engraving Examples:

Wood End Table

Recently, a Wilke customer had an end table made of African mahogany that he wanted to feature in the lobby of an office. Wilke discussed the customization idea with the customer and he provided a logo and art concept for Wilke to utilize in the design of the engraving.








The project was programmed and setup in the laser engraving machine and took less than 10 minutes to produce a custom, laser engraved on the front face of the table apron. The text letters are approximately 1 inch high, and the table apron dimensions are .75″x3.5″x 37.5″.









Similar project with custom engraving of a company logo:

Wilke Laser Engrave example








The Kern HSE laser system can accommodate much larger pieces, due to its 5ft by 10ft bed. Additionally, unlike other machines where engraving would be performed on one machine and cut on another, the HSE system allows both of these operations without switching machines. Not only does the laser system has the capability to 3-D engrave wood, it also has the capability to cut acrylic and metal as well as pipe and tube. The possibilities are virtually limitless.


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Feature Project: International Fraternity of Wrestlers Plaque

Recently Wilke Enginuity developed a plaque for the International Fraternity of Wrestlers. This organization is just newly formed in October of 2014 and is a fee-based membership, exclusively for men or women who have formerly wrestled competitively. These members have hung up their wrestling shoes, have careers and want to give back to wrestling in the form of being part of an organization that advocates wrestling at many levels. The members strive to uphold the principles, values and discipline that are ingrained through the sport of Wrestling.

Group Signing

Board of Governing Members at International Fraternity of Wrestlers
October 31st, 2014

“We searched long and hard to find someone that specializes in this type of piece” comments Chuck Harman, Governing Member at International Fraternity of Wrestlers. “Through a contact we found a local source with Wilke Enginuity who has a tremendous amount of capabilities and experience in designing and producing this type of award. Wilke was very flexible and listened to our needs and ideas; although we did not provide much beyond a concept of the award being polished and made out of stainless steel with some wording.” Harman explains.

From this point, Wilke designed the plaque, developed the graphics and incorporated the wording into a workable concept. A prototype was created and with a few changes and revisions, the final piece was approved and ready for production.

“The plaque is a deciding factor between an annual membership versus becoming a lifetime member of the organization.” Harman elaborates. “Members like to hang the plaque in their office and use it as a conversation starter. There is a certain comradery between wrestlers; people who go toe-to-toe on the mat, this makes a great connection to others who have had a similar experiences.”

In fact each year there are approximately 270,000 wrestlers in high schools across the country. This translates to approximately 6 to 8 million formerly competitive wrestlers in the United States. “The First fifty thousand lifetime members will have “founding” on the plaques (smaller size) to hang on the wall.” states Harman. “We have several other types of plaques on deck; 1st person to join, 1st female to join and the 1st former Olympian to join. Currently Kenny Chertow (1988 Olympian) from State College Pennsylvania is slated to take former Olympian position within the fraternity. In addition to the plaques, we will be looking to Wilke Enginuity for key chains and other logoed items to support the membership. The new laser system that they have recently installed opens a large number of possibilities and customization capabilities that make it special to be part of this organization.”

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New Laser Engraving Prototype and Laser Cutting Capabilities

Wilke now has the ability to laser engrave acrylic materials and have the perimeter lighted. This effect allows the script to show through the acrylic. The acrylic is illuminated evenly and creates a bold effect. The new process actually engraves from the bottom, starting at a shallow depth on the first pass, then engraving to a deeper depth to complete the process.

Laser Cutting Prototype: Brass inlays for doors on a custom-built vanity

With the new laser cutting system, Wilke is prototyping a brass inlay application that would be extremely hard to create with traditional machining processes. The laser begins by cutting a pathway out of the doors for the brass to fit in the pathways. Each complete letter is cut and over-laid for better definition on the finished door. The challenge was the narrowness of the border on the doors. The inlayed brass would move around and the effect could not be created. The finished product was achieved by using thicker brass and widening the border all the way around the door.

Inlayed Door Panel 2

Inlayed Door Panels

Laser Cutting Example: Lattice with patterns for lobby or partition:

Lattice photo

Wilke Enginuity Inc. has four large-capacity laser cutting systems to manage a wide selection of materials and design specifications, whether small or big in project scope. With up to 5,000 watts of available power, we are able to handle anything from prototypes to high volumes of material processes ranging from stainless steel industrial components, plastics for automotive and advertising industries to wood for furniture production, stencils and large floor templates.

We have three laser Engraving machines. Using a fiber laser source, our laser marking systems allow you to etch bar codes, logos and text. We can also engrave in serial number format. The large 60″ x 120″ work area offers a fast, inexpensive way to mark or engrave your parts and tools. The fibermark shows its flexibility in the variety of materials it can mark, including metals, plastics, glass, ceramics and more.

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New Laser Measuring Machine Provides Accuracy and Speed

Wilke Enginuity continues to evolve and provide the latest technology to meet customer specifications and fabricate new and innovative projects. Wilke recently acquired and installed an InspecVision Planar system which is the world’s fastest 2D inspection system of its kind. The system will also conduct 3D inspections and is specifically designed for the sheet metal industry.










Wilke is able to utilize the new system for for quality control and reverse engineering applications to quickly measure or reverse engineer flat parts which have been manufactured on laser, plasma and water jet cutting systems as well as punched and some stamped parts.
Inspecvision Video:

Wilke Laser 2








The applications for the Planar system however are not limited to just the sheet metal industry. Any material that is flat and opaque such as paper, wood, polymers, cloth, cork and even fabrics can be measured on Planar. There are specialized modules within the software to allow the user to measure things like gaskets, tubes and O-Rings.
Planar can take up to 40 million measurements in 0.1 seconds! This makes the new system the fastest in the world for both inspection and reverse engineering of flat parts

Wilke constructed a special room within the manufacturing facility to house the new state-of-the-art-system. The work surface is 40” x 60” and provides plenty of area for larger parts and projects. This large area also allows measuring of CAD File.












This feature is especially functional for inspecting customer parts that have many dimensions or odd shape features. Before the new technology was installed the company used surface plates and micrometers. While this was effective, it was slow and not nearly as accurate.
As an example of the new functionality, Wilke can automatically inspect a lot sampling of as many as 1000 parts at a time and compare each piece to the CAD file. This is especially critical for difficult to inspect or complicated parts.

The new Inspecvision is fully functional in the facility and training of several operators has been completed within the company.

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Feature Project: Animal Deterrent Fence System

Wilke Enginuity works with premiere manufactures to provide processing services and even project management for more complex assemblies. In a recent project Wilke has many responsibilities ranging from production and assembly to warehousing and delivery.
This application features an Electric Sub-Station Animal Guard Fencing System. This rugged system protects electric sub-stations from various animal intrusions by providing a barrier and mild electric shock to deter the animal intruders.
The fence system consists of a series of panels and doorways. Wilke manufactures the entry-ways and modifies the electrical control boxes for the fence system.

Fence Door 1

The doorways consist of a base frame with an arched tubular structure. Wilke fabricates these archways by sawing and milling each tube to precise specifications. The base plates for the doorways are laser cut and bent, then machined to provide the proper finish.

The entryways for each door section is laser cut, bent and machined to specific tolerances so the entire system has a solid fit. The doors are laser cut and bent to conform to the archway. Each door is attached with purchased hardware and stick labels are applied. Once all of the components are produced and finished they are assembled into the final structure by the welding department.

Fence 2

Wilke assembles the structures and makes sure that each section is cleaned thoroughly of all fingerprints and other substances for proper label application. Once the doorway is complete, they are shrink-wrapped and package. Wilke maintains a stock of inventory for the customer as well as complete delivery service to their facility.

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The Power of Greyscale for 3D Engraving!

While its widely known that just about anyone can do 2D engraving, we want to take a moment to talk to you about our ability to 3D engrave on wood.

3D engraving dictates a very specific process when putting together the artwork. In running tests on our new laser engraving machine, we have found that when working in grey scale (which is a necessity for 3D engraving) the program ends up looking like a very good x-ray. Grey scale operates in 256 shades between black and white. The closer you get to black, the deeper the engraving is. If you are operating in shades nearer to white, the wood is barely touched.

Right now there is a problem in the industry finding artists that have the graphic mindset to work in greyscale for 3D engraving. Here at Wilke, we are looking for individuals to help 3D engraving photous out in that realm. We have been working on engraving out some samples for our clients, however we are operating off of existing art and would love to bring in someone that can help us to grow our capabilities.

Keep an eye out on our website for more information about our 3D wood engraving. In the meantime, please contact us if you have any interest in either our laser engraving or 3D engraving services, or if you would like to work with us as a greyscale artist.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Acrylic Laser Cutting at Wilke Enginuity

While we here at Wilke have always had acrylic laser cutting capability, our new machine has given us extra capacities. We can now provide a flame polished edge on the cut! As we mentioned in our last blog, the large advantage we now have is that we can laser cut and engrave sheets that are five feet by ten feet on the same machine.

Laser cutting of acrylic gives us the ability to cut complicated shapes that would work well within different industries, including Industrial, Medical, Construction, Engineering and Promotional. Since we now have these additional capabilities we are prepared to do even more work with advertising displays and sales promotion signage, including larger scale projects.

By browsing our website, you can see that we have done architectural work, signage, decorative switch covers and even the large tongue that you may see at a KISS concert. We are always looking for new projects to add to our portfolio and to we are prepared to take on most any project you may have available.

Keep an eye out for our next blog regarding the capabilities our new machine has for tube cutting.

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We Have Received and Installed Our New Laser!

Here at Wilke Enginuity, it is important to us that we always stay up to date with the current technology in our field and we want to be sure that we are able to offer our clients the best service possible. Though we have been laser cutting for over 27 years, lately we were finding that there were a few limitations that we wanted to break through. We received a lot of requests for work to be done on larger parts, and with the machinery that we had it made those jobs a bit more difficult.

In order for us to live up to our mission and stay on top of the game, it became necessary to purchase a new piece of equipment, which was also proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. Though we do have 3 laser engravers and four large cutting machines, we wanted to find a machine that would allow us to engrave and cut on the same machine.  The Kern HSE laser system will allow us to work on much larger pieces, due to its 5ft by 10ft bed. Additionally, unlike other machines in which we would have to engrave on one machine and cut on another, the HSE system allows us to perform both of those capabilities without switching machines.

While our new machine has the capability to 3-D engrave wood, it also has the capability to cut acrylic and metal as well as pipe and tube.

We are itching to get started with our new machine and now that we can easily fulfill your requests, we look forward to hearing from you with your laser cutting and engraving needs.

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Celebrating American Made Matters Day with Wilke

When it comes down to it, things made in America are just better. That may seem like a simplistic statement, but day after day, we hear more stories to back it up. Whether it is recent recall of Chinese-made dog treats, or any number of consumer and industrial goods, American’s are losing trust in products made overseas. And, it is not just here, consumers across the globe know they can trust a product when they see the “Made in the USA” label.

It is with this in mind that the folks at American Made Matters are calling on all of us to celebrate American Made Matters Day on November 19. They are hoping that all American consumers will buy at least one American Made product on the 19th. For those of us who have always been committed to American made products and services, it is an exciting and hopeful time.

So how have we gone from a country obsessed with off shoring to one that is now embracing all things “Made in America”? At Wilke Enginuity, we believe it comes down to a few different factors.

  • Cost

For a long time it was cheaper to manufacture overseas. Lower labor costs, fewer regulations, and bigger pools of workers made offshoring attractive. In the past decade, this cost gap has narrowed considerably. It now makes more sense to keep things closer to home, saving on shipping and making communication between designers and manufacturers easier.

  • Technology

Today, even the smaller companies have access to high-tech machinery. This instantly lowers production costs, which in turn removes many of the benefits of overseas manufacturing.

  • Demand

As we mentioned in our opening, people don’t want to have to guess if a foreign made product will be consistently high quality. The benefits of saving a few bucks are being drowned out by the lack of quality. People are willing to pay for the peace-of-mind that comes with a “Made in the USA” label. They are also demanding homemade products because they want to be a part of America’s manufacturing rebirth.

So on November 19 (or on any day of the year for that matter!) please help make the future of American manufacturing bright by buying at least one American made product. If you need help finding products that proudly carry the “Made in the USA” label, there is a great list of companies and products on the American Made Matters website.

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Laser Cutting Plastics

Laser cutting is a process usually limited to metal manufacturing. At Wilke, we’ve extended the process to plastic manufacturing as well. Polyethylene, polypropylene, acrylics and PTFE coated fiberglass are all materials that we can laser cut Over the years, we have tried many different approaches and experiments to find a way to make laser cutting of nonmetals possible. And we were successful! Our increased capabilities however, come down to more than just experimentation.

There’s also a willingness on our part to do it. Laser cutting plastics is a different skill than laser cutting metals, one that takes time to learn and perfect.

We felt it was worthwhile to invest time and energy into developing this skill because of the benefits it provides to our clients. Many times plastic parts are molded. By laser cutting them instead, our customers can avoid tooling costs entirely. This makes it affordable to manufacture smaller product runs, from few to thousands, because the need to justify expensive molding costs goes away.  Laser cutting is also a faster process. In less than the time it takes to draw up the tooling needed for molding, our customers can have finished, laser cut plastic parts in their hands.

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