New Laser Measuring Machine Provides Accuracy and Speed

Wilke Enginuity continues to evolve and provide the latest technology to meet customer specifications and fabricate new and innovative projects. Wilke recently acquired and installed an InspecVision Planar system which is the world’s fastest 2D inspection system of its kind. The system will also conduct 3D inspections and is specifically designed for the sheet metal industry.










Wilke is able to utilize the new system for for quality control and reverse engineering applications to quickly measure or reverse engineer flat parts which have been manufactured on laser, plasma and water jet cutting systems as well as punched and some stamped parts.
Inspecvision Video:

Wilke Laser 2








The applications for the Planar system however are not limited to just the sheet metal industry. Any material that is flat and opaque such as paper, wood, polymers, cloth, cork and even fabrics can be measured on Planar. There are specialized modules within the software to allow the user to measure things like gaskets, tubes and O-Rings.
Planar can take up to 40 million measurements in 0.1 seconds! This makes the new system the fastest in the world for both inspection and reverse engineering of flat parts

Wilke constructed a special room within the manufacturing facility to house the new state-of-the-art-system. The work surface is 40” x 60” and provides plenty of area for larger parts and projects. This large area also allows measuring of CAD File.












This feature is especially functional for inspecting customer parts that have many dimensions or odd shape features. Before the new technology was installed the company used surface plates and micrometers. While this was effective, it was slow and not nearly as accurate.
As an example of the new functionality, Wilke can automatically inspect a lot sampling of as many as 1000 parts at a time and compare each piece to the CAD file. This is especially critical for difficult to inspect or complicated parts.

The new Inspecvision is fully functional in the facility and training of several operators has been completed within the company.

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