Getting Aboard the Future of Mass Transit

Modern Passenger TrainThe future of mass transit in America is up for grabs with competing visions of what such a network might entail. Proposals range from the $260 billion House-sponsored bill that would make our national rail network compete for federal funding with other transportation industries (rather than simply be granted an allotted fixed portion of funding), to the Senate bill, “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century,” that would allocate $109 billion for overall infrastructure spending over the next several years. While heated debate occurs on the floors of both respective branches of Congress, it’s becoming ever clearer that in order for our nation’s rail network to remain competitive on the international level, there needs to be an overarching vision that can win bipartisan support and traction enough to be signed into law. After all, the Chinese have bullet trains in and around Shanghai that can travel at nearly the speed of aircraft. Other countries have developed, or are in the process of developing, similar arrangements for transportation.

Whatever the future of rail transport in this country, we know that we at Wilke can punch our weight when it comes to providing fabricated materials for trains. Not only are we experienced in prototyping rail-car parts, but we have extensive knowledge of actual, long-haul, long-run production of passenger train car parts. We can machine external parts for trains out of aluminum or stainless steel sheet, or we can build interior parts comprised predominantly of carbon steel. In addition, we offer coating and/or painting services as required.

At Wilke, we’re all aboard as far as getting America online – especially when it comes to the rail lines of the future.

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