Feature Project: Animal Deterrent Fence System

Wilke Enginuity works with premiere manufactures to provide processing services and even project management for more complex assemblies. In a recent project Wilke has many responsibilities ranging from production and assembly to warehousing and delivery.
This application features an Electric Sub-Station Animal Guard Fencing System. This rugged system protects electric sub-stations from various animal intrusions by providing a barrier and mild electric shock to deter the animal intruders.
The fence system consists of a series of panels and doorways. Wilke manufactures the entry-ways and modifies the electrical control boxes for the fence system.

Fence Door 1

The doorways consist of a base frame with an arched tubular structure. Wilke fabricates these archways by sawing and milling each tube to precise specifications. The base plates for the doorways are laser cut and bent, then machined to provide the proper finish.

The entryways for each door section is laser cut, bent and machined to specific tolerances so the entire system has a solid fit. The doors are laser cut and bent to conform to the archway. Each door is attached with purchased hardware and stick labels are applied. Once all of the components are produced and finished they are assembled into the final structure by the welding department.

Fence 2

Wilke assembles the structures and makes sure that each section is cleaned thoroughly of all fingerprints and other substances for proper label application. Once the doorway is complete, they are shrink-wrapped and package. Wilke maintains a stock of inventory for the customer as well as complete delivery service to their facility.

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