Custom Wood Laser Engraving Feature Projects

Wilke Enginuity has unique, custom laser engraving capabilities for small or large quantity projects. This includes custom engraving for just one item. With the addition of the Kern laser in the Wilke facility, high quality, custom engraving can be achieved on most any material or product application.

Custom Engraving Examples:

Wood End Table

Recently, a Wilke customer had an end table made of African mahogany that he wanted to feature in the lobby of an office. Wilke discussed the customization idea with the customer and he provided a logo and art concept for Wilke to utilize in the design of the engraving.








The project was programmed and setup in the laser engraving machine and took less than 10 minutes to produce a custom, laser engraved on the front face of the table apron. The text letters are approximately 1 inch high, and the table apron dimensions are .75″x3.5″x 37.5″.









Similar project with custom engraving of a company logo:

Wilke Laser Engrave example








The Kern HSE laser system can accommodate much larger pieces, due to its 5ft by 10ft bed. Additionally, unlike other machines where engraving would be performed on one machine and cut on another, the HSE system allows both of these operations without switching machines. Not only does the laser system has the capability to 3-D engrave wood, it also has the capability to cut acrylic and metal as well as pipe and tube. The possibilities are virtually limitless.


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