Celebrating American Made Matters Day with Wilke

When it comes down to it, things made in America are just better. That may seem like a simplistic statement, but day after day, we hear more stories to back it up. Whether it is recent recall of Chinese-made dog treats, or any number of consumer and industrial goods, American’s are losing trust in products made overseas. And, it is not just here, consumers across the globe know they can trust a product when they see the “Made in the USA” label.

It is with this in mind that the folks at American Made Matters are calling on all of us to celebrate American Made Matters Day on November 19. They are hoping that all American consumers will buy at least one American Made product on the 19th. For those of us who have always been committed to American made products and services, it is an exciting and hopeful time.

So how have we gone from a country obsessed with off shoring to one that is now embracing all things “Made in America”? At Wilke Enginuity, we believe it comes down to a few different factors.

  • Cost

For a long time it was cheaper to manufacture overseas. Lower labor costs, fewer regulations, and bigger pools of workers made offshoring attractive. In the past decade, this cost gap has narrowed considerably. It now makes more sense to keep things closer to home, saving on shipping and making communication between designers and manufacturers easier.

  • Technology

Today, even the smaller companies have access to high-tech machinery. This instantly lowers production costs, which in turn removes many of the benefits of overseas manufacturing.

  • Demand

As we mentioned in our opening, people don’t want to have to guess if a foreign made product will be consistently high quality. The benefits of saving a few bucks are being drowned out by the lack of quality. People are willing to pay for the peace-of-mind that comes with a “Made in the USA” label. They are also demanding homemade products because they want to be a part of America’s manufacturing rebirth.

So on November 19 (or on any day of the year for that matter!) please help make the future of American manufacturing bright by buying at least one American made product. If you need help finding products that proudly carry the “Made in the USA” label, there is a great list of companies and products on the American Made Matters website.

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