Bringing Barrel Trains to Camp Grounds, Farmers Markets and Produce Stands

Here at Wilke, you can tell that we’re big fans of our barrel trains. As the warm weather finally arrives, we’re finding ourselves with more fans in new markets. Specifically we’ve been selling them to camp grounds, and farmers markets and produce stands like Emily’s Produce.

The kinds of memories you form camping as a kid stay with you for a lifetime, and encourage you to bring your own kids back one day. We’re honored that our barrel trains are becoming a part of that experience.

The wants of children have moved many a mountain—and a parent. Providing kids with something to do while their parents shop at the farmers market lets those parents stay longer and buy more. More than that, if kids find something they enjoy, they tend to make it known. A well timed “Mommy, can we go to the place with the train?” can lead to an impromptu trip back to the market, and thus more sales.

Many of those camp grounds, farmers markets and produce stands display their names proudly on traditional wooden signs, the kind that Wilke can laser engrave with beautiful results. As you enjoy the coming months, look around for Wilke Enginuity at some of your favorite spots. Wilke Barrel Train

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