Acrylic Laser Cutting at Wilke Enginuity

While we here at Wilke have always had acrylic laser cutting capability, our new machine has given us extra capacities. We can now provide a flame polished edge on the cut! As we mentioned in our last blog, the large advantage we now have is that we can laser cut and engrave sheets that are five feet by ten feet on the same machine.

Laser cutting of acrylic gives us the ability to cut complicated shapes that would work well within different industries, including Industrial, Medical, Construction, Engineering and Promotional. Since we now have these additional capabilities we are prepared to do even more work with advertising displays and sales promotion signage, including larger scale projects.

By browsing our website, you can see that we have done architectural work, signage, decorative switch covers and even the large tongue that you may see at a KISS concert. We are always looking for new projects to add to our portfolio and to we are prepared to take on most any project you may have available.

Keep an eye out for our next blog regarding the capabilities our new machine has for tube cutting.

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