Wilke Celebrates all Branches of the Military with Laser Engraved Emblems

Wilke Enginuity, located in Hanover, Pa, was contracted to create Wooden emblems to commemorate all branches of the Military: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.  The project entailed Laser Cutting and 3-D Laser Engraving with very intricate details.  These parts were made on new laser engraving techniques which gives us additional capabilities in laser marking and engraving.  In addition to wood, we are able to work with many materials including Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and many Plastics. 

This project was particularly rewarding as we are so very proud of our Military and our support of Made in America initiatives. 



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Holiday Schedule

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Wilke!

We wish you and your families the brightest of holidays and we want to take this time to thank our customers, vendors and employees for a fantastic year.

In observance of the holiday we will be closed from Dec 22nd returning Jan 2, 2018.




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Wilke welcomes members of the Architectural Woodwork Institute for a plant tour

Wilke Enginuity, located in Hanover PA, hosted local members of the Archtectural Institute for a plant tour on Wednesday November 8th, 2017.  The AWI’s states on its website, http://www.awinet.org, it’s vision is to be the global leader in architectural woodwork standards, related interior finishes, industry-specific education and networking opportunities.

We had visitors including staffers at the local Southeastern division, employees of companies and students currently studying at Thaddeus Stevens Institute of Technology.

Our tour began with a quick review of Wilke’s history as told by our founder, Fred Wilke.







We toured and viewed our CNC Machining and Laser Cutting processes.











The tours were broken into three smaller groups so that our participants could ask questions about our services in CNC Machining and Laser Cutting for materials including wood, metals, plastics and more.







And we viewed Finished Parts and Assemblies.









Last Stop was our Smaller Laser Used mostly for Laser Engraving and Laser Marking Services.












Thanks to all of the Participants for allowing us to share our capabilities for the afternoon!

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Featured Projects: Laser Engraved Acrylic Map

Wilke Enginuity produces a wide variety of laser cutting and fabrication projects every month. Many projects include various materials and components for production and assembly.

Here are some examples of recent projects:
Wilke Laser Maps








Laser Engraved Acrylic Map

Wilke Cabinet Frame







Cabinet Frame: Saw cut and tube welded together





Wilke Shop Sign







The Detail Shop Sign: Laser Cut approx.  4’L x 2’H



Wilke Metal Frame









Metal Frame for Shelving: Laser cut from sheet




Wilke Wooden Sign





Loggers Lodge wooden sign: Laser Engraving – 6’W x 2’H

Contact Wilke Enginuity To Discuss Your Project or Application

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Feature Project: Laser Cut World Map

Wilke Enginuity has experience in developing laser cut world maps for use in lobbies, conference rooms, and large wall spaces. Recently, a customer consulted with Wilke to develop a world map for their lobby area. This experience helped with the consultation, design and manufacturing of the finished piece.

Laser Cut Wooden World Map After Installation

Laser Cut Wooden World Map After Installation

After the design consultation and development, Wilke Enginuity went into production and cut the World Map on a 1500 watt laser.  The material is plywood with a veneer surface.  Two sided tape was applied to the back of the wood before the pieces were cut out so that the customer could “peel & stick” them to the wall.  Using the same laser, a Mylar template was developed so that the customer could tape the template to the wall to locate the pieces easily. The map was laid out and installed without any issues.

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Wilke Featured Projects and Products

Wilke Enginuity produces many different products and projects every day. The diversity ranges from small parts to large assemblies and components. Here is a random sampling of the variety and range of items and projects that have recently come through Wilke’s facility:

Chair Trim

Chair Trim

Chair Trim

Chair Trim

Floor Drain Inserts for Medical Facilities

Floor Drain Inserts for Medical Facilities

Latch Plate for Rail Cars

Latch Plate for Rail Cars

Glass Vapor Tube Part

Glass Vapor Tube Part

Glass Vapor Tube Parts

Glass Vapor Tube Parts

Grates for Heat Exchangers

Delrin Acrylic Plastic Parts

Grates for Heat Exchangers

Grates for Heat Exchangers

Radiation Identification Plate

Radiation Identification Plate – Individual identification numbers are added to each plate

Call Wilke Enginuity to discuss your project or application
(717) 632-5937

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Wilke Enginuity Expands its Design capabilities with 3D Printing Projects

Wilke Enginuity, Inc.,  located in Hanover, PA, has recently acquired  the Zeus Aio Botics 3D Scanner and Printer to help our customers with expanded prototyping capabilities.

The added feature of precision scanning  allows us to create your 3D models by the touch of a button. The pre-installed ZEUS OS Software manages your scans, refines your data, and converts it into a print-ready mesh model.  We are now able to use the integrated precision engineering capabilities to build high quality printouts with fast turnaround for our customers. Zeus 3d printer

Wilke also features the ability to take your idea from prototype to production with a fully equipped shop with capabilities including Laser Cutting Services, Laser Engraving, CNC Machining and Fabrication Services.

07075b_5d901a044f3246e0bcac0d620dedcf97_png_srz_p_523_320_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Create your 3D models by the touch of a button! The pre-installed ZEUS OS Software manages your scans, refines your data, and converts it into a print-ready mesh model.

About Wilke:
Wilke Enginuity has been providing CNC Laser Cutting Services and CNC Machining Services to its customers for more than 25 years.   We were the first laser cutting company east of the Mississippi.  Today we have the latest machines available and have added laser marking and laser engraving capabilities.  We also have complete CNC Machining capabilities including CNC turning, milling and routing services, CNC forming and fabrication.   We work with virtually any material including aluminum, stainless, carbon, brass, bronze, alloys, plastics, wood, glass, rubber, foams and more.

As a contract manufacturer, Wilke Enginuity regularly produces a wide range of products from small components to large assemblies. For more  information, please visit our website www.wilkelaser.com or call us 800-936-6201.

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Wilke Enginuity Adds New Press Brake To Increase Bending Capabilities

Wilke Enginuity recently added more capacity and capabilities to its expansive facility by installing a new AccurPress brake. The new machine holds tighter tolerances and provides greater bending consistency, especially for larger or longer parts. The new system is more efficient, with less setup time for processing each job.  Wilke’s engineers and estimators are able to connect their Solidworks program directly to the machine and tap into the entire tooling library for designing, estimating and working with customer projects.


A key feature is the system includes a precision, high-end Wila Tooling system. “The tooling system is the critical part of the system to ensure accurate bends and specifications, especially with large and complex parts,” states BJ Wilke, Operations Manager for the company. “The substantial investment and upgrade gives us the ability to meet tighter tolerances, build larger components and maintain specifications throughout the bending process.” The advanced tooling system allows the operator to perform “air bending”, a method that allows for more radiuses with the same tool.   “With the upgraded capabilities, we can develop flat patterns, multiple bends and tap into the entire Wila tooling library for custom or complex patterns.  It is easy to run samples for each job or prototypes for customers.”

20150612_10175320150612_101813 Wila Tooling System

 20150612_102028Operating system with access to tooling library

 The new press brake can produce 140 tons of bending pressure and handles parts up to 10’ in length. Wilke is able to utilize the machine to develop complex products and parts that can then be welded or assembled to create components.


Part being bent to specification on the press brake


Part after bending

Examples of parts or components:
• Off-road vehicles
• Architectural Pieces
• Shelf Brackets


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Custom Wood Laser Engraving Feature Projects

Wilke Enginuity has unique, custom laser engraving capabilities for small or large quantity projects. This includes custom engraving for just one item. With the addition of the Kern laser in the Wilke facility, high quality, custom engraving can be achieved on most any material or product application.

Custom Engraving Examples:

Wood End Table

Recently, a Wilke customer had an end table made of African mahogany that he wanted to feature in the lobby of an office. Wilke discussed the customization idea with the customer and he provided a logo and art concept for Wilke to utilize in the design of the engraving.








The project was programmed and setup in the laser engraving machine and took less than 10 minutes to produce a custom, laser engraved on the front face of the table apron. The text letters are approximately 1 inch high, and the table apron dimensions are .75″x3.5″x 37.5″.









Similar project with custom engraving of a company logo:

Wilke Laser Engrave example








The Kern HSE laser system can accommodate much larger pieces, due to its 5ft by 10ft bed. Additionally, unlike other machines where engraving would be performed on one machine and cut on another, the HSE system allows both of these operations without switching machines. Not only does the laser system has the capability to 3-D engrave wood, it also has the capability to cut acrylic and metal as well as pipe and tube. The possibilities are virtually limitless.


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Feature Project: International Fraternity of Wrestlers Plaque

Recently Wilke Enginuity developed a plaque for the International Fraternity of Wrestlers. This organization is just newly formed in October of 2014 and is a fee-based membership, exclusively for men or women who have formerly wrestled competitively. These members have hung up their wrestling shoes, have careers and want to give back to wrestling in the form of being part of an organization that advocates wrestling at many levels.  The members strive to uphold the principles, values and discipline that are ingrained through the sport of Wrestling.

Group Signing

Board of Governing Members at International Fraternity of Wrestlers
October 31st, 2014

“We searched long and hard to find someone that specializes in this type of piece” comments Chuck Harman, Governing Member at International Fraternity of Wrestlers. “Through a contact we found a local source with Wilke Enginuity who has a tremendous amount of capabilities and experience in designing and producing this type of award. Wilke was very flexible and listened to our needs and ideas; although we did not provide much beyond a concept of the award being polished and made out of stainless steel with some wording.” Harman explains.

From this point, Wilke designed the plaque, developed the graphics and incorporated the wording into a workable concept. A prototype was created and with a few changes and revisions, the final piece was approved and ready for production.

“The plaque is a deciding factor between an annual membership versus becoming a lifetime member of the organization.” Harman elaborates. “Members like to hang the plaque in their office and use it as a conversation starter. There is a certain comradery between wrestlers; people who go toe-to-toe on the mat, this makes a great connection to others who have had a similar experiences.”

In fact each year there are approximately 270,000 wrestlers in high schools across the country. This translates to approximately 6 to 8 million formerly competitive wrestlers in the United States. “The First fifty thousand lifetime members will have “founding” on the plaques (smaller size) to hang on the wall.” states Harman. “We have several other types of plaques on deck; 1st person to join, 1st female to join and the 1st former Olympian to join. Currently Kenny Chertow (1988 Olympian) from State College Pennsylvania is slated to take former Olympian position within the fraternity. In addition to the plaques, we will be looking to Wilke Enginuity for key chains and other logoed items to support the membership. The new laser system that they have recently installed opens a large number of possibilities and customization capabilities that make it special to be part of this organization.”

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